All the information you need about Holland and its famous icons!

Learn more about the country, Amsterdam, wooden shoes, tulips or windmills.

All books are available in multiple languages.

Tulips of Holland
Our very own Tulips of Holland information book!With 32 pages, all the information and history you can get about Holland's most iconic flower, the Tulip!Read all about this beautiful flower in 9 languages!..
Windmills of Holland
Our very own Windmill information book!Windmills are one of Holland's biggest icons.The Zaan region once had over 300 windmills, but this number rapidly declined in the 20th century, when modern technology and industrialisation took over.Nowadays you..
Wooden Shoes of Holland
Our very own Wooden Shoe information book!Holland's most iconic footwear, the wooden shoe, has a rich history which dates back almost a thousand years!Everything you need to know about this unique footwear can be found in this 32 page book.Available ..
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